Ring Pop - Easter - 3 Pack

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Put a Ring Pop on it this Easter!

Show off your Easter bling with this sweet ring! Ring Pop is a fun way to make sure you have the best eye candy for any Easter celebration!

These delicious Ring Pop come in the Easter-themed shapes of chicks and bunnies. Just put this yummy lollipop on your hand and become the ultimate fashionista!
This retro candy makes an excellent and fun Easter Candy. Finish off your Easter baskets or use them for gifting. Why not get creative? You could use these Ring Pops as napkin holders for your Easter dinner!
Ring Pop has adorned the hungry hands of many! Debuting their lollipop lustre in the 1970s.
Diamonds are not a girl's best friend; it's all about the candy with the Ring Pop for Easter!
3 Pack