Regal Crown Sour Grape Candy Rolls

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Sour Candies from the 1960s!

Crown your tastebuds with the royal taste of Regal Crown Sour Grape Candy Rolls.

This British Candy is a hard candy that is brimming with grape-ness! Indulge yourself with that sour candy zing with these intensely flavourful sour candies. 
Coming in a convenient candy roll, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Individually wrapped so you can easily share with your bestie! Every hard candy is bursting with fresh grape flavor and that exciting sour thrill!
Introduced to the sweet world of candy in the 1960s, We're sure some of these sour candies could have been at Woodstock!
Experience the flip side of "sour grapes" with Regal Crown Sour Grape Candy Rolls!