Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy Rolls - 29g

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Sour Candies from the 60s

Make it a cherry on top sort of day with the Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy Rolls.

Hop on board with that delicious cherry-tasting roll with this famous British Candy.
This hard sour candy is made with all-natural colour offering you an authentic cherry taste.
You'll be enthralled with this tart and tangy-tasting sour candy flavor. It's packed in a roll and comes individually wrapped, making it easy to share and suitable for travel.
We're sure these sour candies fed the hippies It came into North America in the swinging 60s and has been giving us that tongue-tingling sourness we crave ever since!
Take a bite at the cherry with the superbly sour taste of Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy Rolls!