Regal Crown Sour Apple Candy Rolls - 1.01oz.

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Sour Candies from the 1960s!

You'll never be a bad apple again with the mesmerizing taste of Regal Crown Sour Apple Candy Rolls!

Spoil your tastebuds with this British Candy. It's a hard sour candy that is fully loaded with a tart and fresh apple flavour. Along with the fruity pleasantness, you'll get spoiled with that sour candy sensation!
Made with natural flavour and colour for an authentic apple taste. Comes in a convenient-sized roll with individually wrapped candies. Eat them while you're on the go, or share them.
This retro candy must have been passed around during the free-love movement! It came into the world of candy in the 1960s, and we're sure it helped fuel all that flower power!
Spoil the whole bunch, and share in the sour candy love with the Regal Crown Sour Apple Candy Rolls!