Reese's CRUNCHY! Snack Cake - 2.75oz

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That crunch from Reese's!

You deserve a delicious crunch when you're hungry, and this Reese's snack certainly takes the cake! The Reese's CRUNCHY! Snack Cake is a tender layer of a soft baked chocolate cake. It's topped off with the famous addition of Reese's Peanut Butter filled with roasted and crunchy peanuts inside. Finished with a wrapping of rich-tasting and real milk chocolate.

Your tastebuds will come alive with satisfaction when they experience the creamy feel of that delectable chocolate along with that fascinating crunch! Whoever said you can't have it all?
Crunch your way through gratification with the Reese's CRUNCHY! Snack Cake!
2.75 oz. (77.9g)