Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Pretzels - 1.3oz

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Something deliciously stuffed from Reese's!

Win big, very big! With the Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Pretzels. When the sweet taste of rich milk chocolate and the salty crunch of pretzels meet. We call it delicious destiny!

You'll be more than indulged as you sink your teeth into a cup of pure and creamy milk chocolate with a center of that crumbly famous Reese's Peanut Butter and bits of crunchy pretzels.
It's a delectable unification of sweet and salty flavors that certainly make magic together! This Reese's Big Cup goes above and beyond, ensuring satisfaction in every bite!
Go big on taste with the incredible Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Pretzels!
  • Product of the USA
36g (1.3 oz.)