Reese's Big Cup Peanut Brittle KING SIZE - 2.8oz

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An Unbelievably Tasty Twist on a Classic Candy! 

Sink your teeth into a sweet and savory snack that will have you drooling before it reaches your lips! The special edition Christmas Reese’s Big Cup Peanut Brittle comes in King Size for those of you that need more bang for your buck!

Peanut Brittle is a classic candy that has beautifully been incorporated into the outer chocolate coating of the peanut butter cup. The cup is filled with the classic peanut butter center, with chunks of crunchy peanuts spread throughout the peanut butter. How can your sweet tooth resist such a marvelous holly jolly creation – it can’t, we know! 

2.8oz (79.4g)

Made in the USA