Red Vines Black Licorice Sugar Free - 141g

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Sugar Free Black Licorice 

Get your sweet and tangy fix with the Red Vines Black Licorice Sugar Free guilt free! Since the 1950s, Red Vines has been known for their delightfully tangy licorice, whether red or black. But now they have come out with a sugar free licorice that is perfect for those of you that have health restrictions, so simply want to ease up on the sugar. 

The sugar free black licorice is still loaded with tangy and sweet licorice flavor so you don't need to worry about lacking in that department. We know how passionate the licorice community is about their licorice so we know they won't be disappointed with this one! Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! 

5oz (141g) 

Made in the USA