Red Hots Candy - Theater Pack - 5.5oz

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You'll be cool eating these Red Hots Candy!

Because some like it hot! Prepare yourself for the sweet sizzle with the Red Hots Candy in a Theater Pack!

This flaming hot red hard candy will make you flush with its spicy cinnamon flavor. Opening up the box, the luring scent will have your tastebuds searing. 
If you've got the "hots" for the sweet sizzle of cinnamon, this retro candy will definitely spice up your life!
As your hungry lips meet these red candies, you'll be struck by their sensational spiciness that morphs upon chewing into a sweet cinnamon flavor. The delicious burst of warm cinnamon will make you tingle all over!
Red Hots Candy made us all sizzle when they entered the world in the 1930s satisfying our deep cravings for that sweet with heat flavor. Made for the lover of retro candy, Red Hots Candy reigns supreme for its deep and long-lasting, hard candy cinnamon flavor made for those who can stand the heat.
Satisfy your scorching hot desires with the Red Hots Theater Pack!