Razzles Tropical Candy - 1.4 oz.

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A Taste of Paradise in Every Pop!

Escape to a tropical paradise with Razzles Tropical Candy – the ultimate vacation for your taste buds that's both sweet and exotic!

Unwrap the pack and let the adventure begin as you pop these little bursts of paradise into your mouth. Each piece is a tropical delight, bursting with fruity goodness that'll transport you to sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. The blissful experience doesn’t stop there, because with every chew you transform the sweet treat into a gum!

Whether you're dreaming of a getaway or simply seeking a taste of the tropics, Razzles Tropical Candy is your passport to pure enjoyment. It's the candy that brings sunshine to your day, the gum that keeps you chewing, and the treat that's all about good vibes!

1.4oz (40g) 

Made in the USA