Razzles Sour Candy - 1.4 oz.

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A Tongue-Tingling Taste Adventure!

Hold onto your taste buds, because Razzles Sour Candy is here to take your senses on a wild ride of sweet and sour bliss! Get ready to pucker up as you embark on a tongue-tingling taste adventure like no other.

Unwrap the pack and let the sour sensation kick in as you pop these little flavor explosions into your mouth. Each piece is a burst of tangy delight that'll make your taste buds dance with joy. The candy excitement doesn't end there because these candies transform into a chewing gum – giving you a double dose of lip-smacking fun.

Whether you're a sour aficionado, a candy connoisseur, or simply someone who craves a flavor-packed experience, Razzles Sour Candy is the perfect treat to reach for. It's the bold candy, the chewy gum, and the treat that's downright thrilling. So, dive into the world of sour sensations and let the adventure begin – Razzles Sour Candy is your ticket to a taste bud extravaganza!

1.4oz (40g)

Made in the USA