Razzles Berry Mix Candy - 45 g

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Chew, Transform, and Delight in Berry Bliss!

If you’re a berry-loving candy connoisseur, then Razzles Berry Mix Candy will be GOATed. These little gems start as candy, but they're about to take you on a taste adventure like no other.

Pop one into your mouth and let the fruity explosion dazzle your taste buds – it's like a burst of berry goodness in every chew. But wait, there's more! As you keep chewing, these candies magically transform into gum, giving you a double dose of delight!

Whether you're a candy lover, a gum enthusiast, or simply someone who craves fun, Razzles Berry Mix Candy has got you covered. It's the candy that keeps you guessing and the flavor that keeps you coming back for more. So, get ready to chew, transform, and savor the sweet taste of berry bliss!

1.6oz (45g) 

Made in the USA