Rap Snacks-The Notorious B.I.G.-ICON Honey Jalapeno Chips - 2.5oz

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These Jalapeno Chips Will Keep You Hypnotized

“Get Money” and get yourself a bag of Notorious B.I.G. ICON Honey Jalapeno Chips! The iconic late rapper is honored by Rap Snacks with their Biggie version of their delicious chips. The Honey Jalapeno chips have the perfect balance of sweet & spicy with a hint of honey seasoning in addition to the jalapeno spice. If you like spice, then this is something you definitely need to try since the jalapeno has a bold aftertaste that only the strong can endure. Pay your respects to a legend and try the Biggie Rap Snacks to see how addictive the crispy chips truly are!

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2.5oz (71g)

Made in the USA