Rap Snacks Nicki Minaj Sour Cream and Ranch Truffle Chips - 2.5oz

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We Need These Nicki Minaj Chips Right By Our Side

Get a little classy with it when it comes to snacking. The flavor combo may be unique, but one thing’s for sure, it is super tasty! Rap Snacks has been collabing with current and classic rap artists to create their very own unique flavor blends that represent their own palate. The Nicki Minaj Sour Cream and Ranch Truffle chips are superbly flavorful and salty. Your taste buds won’t know what to do with themselves once they get with the extraordinary sour cream & ranch seasoning blend – not to mention the sophisticated addition of truffle to each bite. Nicki Minaj went to the Rap Snacks lab and said hold my purse because she really DID THAT with these savory chips!!! 

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2.5oz (71g)

Made in the USA