Rap Snacks Nicki Minaj Salt & Vinegar Truffle Chips - 2.5oz

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Sensationally Salty Nicki Minaj Chips

Get a taste of the ultimate salt & vinegar chips with Nicki Minaj’s Salt & Vinegar Truffle Rap Snacks. These Rap Snacks have an unbelievably crispy crunch and satisfy even the utmost specific savory cravings. We all know how mouth-watering salt & vinegar chips are, but Rap Snacks and Nicki Minaj really took it up another notch with this collab!! We know the Barbs are going to devour these salty chips, but if you love a good old fashioned potato chip, this has to be next in line for you to try! We know you won’t be disappointed – take our word for it! 

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2.5oz (71g)

Made in the USA