Rap Snacks Money Bagg Yo Heat vs Hot Chips - 2.5oz

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Feel the Heat with Money Bagg Yo Rap Snacks

Turn the A/C all the way up when you enjoy the tongue-torching Money Bagg Yo Heat vs Hot chips! These chips are made to set your taste buds on fire… but in the most satisfying way possible. If you enjoy the thrill of spicy foods, then you have to try the Money Bagg Yo Rap Snacks. With its crisp crunch and heavily seasoned flavors, there's no way your cravings won’t be satisfied with these spicy chips. Stock up on a few of the bags and see how much of the heat you can handle on your own. Fair warning: we do recommend trying these chips with a tall glass of water beside you – don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

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2.5oz (71g)

Made in the USA