Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In - 2.5oz

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These Lil Baby Chips Dripped Too Hard!

Lil Baby had Sum 2 Prove with the All In Rap Snacks! These mega loaded Lil Baby Rap Snacks are a savory dream with a mix of Salt & Vinegar, Barbeque, Onion and Garlic! The Lil Baby chips are beautifully seasoned and have a mouth watering crunch that can make anyone a Lil Baby fan! If you enjoy snacking on deliciously savory and tangy treats then the Rap Snacks Lil Baby All In is the perfect thing for you! If you’re a Lil Baby fan then you should keep these GOATed chips to yourself, but we recommend sharing with your Close Friends to really bond over the sensational flavors your taste buds will be experiencing. 

2.5oz (71g) 

Made in the USA