Rap Snacks Durkio's Hot Puffin Fries - 2.5oz

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Spice Up Your Snacking Sessions! 

Turn up the heat with Lil Durk’s Durkio’s Hot Puffin Fries! These savory chips are the ultimate snack to curb your cravings. Made with real corn, this crunchy chip is met with a zesty and fiery seasoning that is perfectly balanced by the ranch flavor.

If you love snacking on spicy chips, look no further because Durkio’s Hot Puffin Fries are exactly what you need in your life. Grab a bag or two and experience the tantalizing flavors of this mouth-watering chips. If you’re feeling generous, give your friends a few bites to see who can handle the most heat! 

2.5oz (71g) 

Made in the USA