Push Pop Dipperz (UK) - 12g

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Push Pop with Popping Candy!

Dip your way through this thrilling British Candy! The Push Pop Dipperz is what we like to call a double whammy candy. Not only do you get that famous Push Pop, but this baby comes with its own serving of popping candy! That means you'll be popping and rockin' to the very sound of this candy!

Just lick the lollipop and then dip it into that exciting popping candy! This Push Pop is truly a showstopper! 
This succulent lollipop is bursting with a sensationally sweet strawberry flavor. With every delicious dip, that luscious lollipop comes alive!
Savour this lollipop slowly or crunch through it fast; this British candy is a candy champ!
Be rocked to your candy-loving core with the Push Pop Dipperz!