Pringles Korean BBQ Chips (Japan) - 118g

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Have a taste of Japan with these Pringles!

Have a taste of Japan with the Pringles Korean BBQ Chips!

Every crisp bite of these Pringles offers a bold and robust BBQ flavor that is truly unsurpassed.
Expertly seasoned and ready to satisfy those savoury cravings! Pringles chips are the only answer when you need a very big crunch!
Pringles make a superb snack choice at any time of the day. Enjoy a handful with lunch, after dinner or indulge in those salty cravings as a late-night snack.
We've been immersed in the crunch of Pringles since 1968! Offering an outstanding array of flavors nothing beats the intense taste and texture of the Pringle!
Make it crisp with the Pringles Korean BBQ chips!