Pringles BBQ Lovers Pizza (Korea) - 102g

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Barbecued Korean Pringles

Dive into a flavor sensation with Pringles BBQ Lovers Pizza, where the smoky goodness of BBQ chips meets the irresistible allure of a classic pizza taste straight from Korea! Experience a perfect fusion of bold BBQ flavors and the delectable essence of pizza.

Each crisp chip delivers a symphony of BBQ goodness and the savory notes of a mouthwatering pizza, creating a snack that's both distinctive and utterly satisfying. 

Pringles BBQ Lovers Pizza is not just a treat; it's a flavor-packed adventure that captures the essence of Korean snacks. Whether you're a Pringles enthusiast or a lover of unique flavor combinations, these Pringles promise a delightful journey of tastes.

3.5oz (102g)