Prime Hydration Powder Sticks Glowberry 20ct - 176g

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Prime Drink Mix!

Be at the top of your game with the Prime Hydration Powder Sticks Glowberry!

This convenient powdered drink mix is a surefire way to stay hydrated. 
Quench your thirst in a few easy steps. Grab your water bottle, pour in that delicious drink mix, and then shake what your mama gave you!
This Prime Drink is a blend of electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants. Brought to us by Jake Paul. We don't know how he made it taste so incredible, considering there is zero sugar in the mix!
As you taste this remarkable Prime drink, its fruity sweetness hits you first. It then ends with a refreshing bang of sour apple. Every sip is incredibly flavorful and, most definitely, sweetly satisfying!
Enjoy this after a gruelling workout to combat stress or just because you want a drink that offers you some well-deserved rejuvenation.
Win big every day with the Prime Hydration Powder Sticks Glowberry!
20CT | 176g