Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret - 88ml

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 Sour Candy fun from Canada!

Get ready to "pop" open your tastebuds with the fun of The Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret.

This entertaining and amusing Canadain Candy comes in a can and is filled with sour-tasting foamy goodness. It's ready, willing and able for you to take charge of those sour candy wants! 
Power Poppers are a novelty candy that will liven up any party! Coming in the flavors of Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Strawberry.  These sour candies are a fun addition to use during birthday parties, slumber parties, backyard BBQs and picnics!
Sourly say it, and spray it! With the amusing fun of the Power Poppers Sour Foami Suret!


Sold Individually, Flavor/Color Chosen at Random.