Pop Tarts Apple Jacks 16ct

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Pop Tarts in a value pack.

"Pop" your taste buds with the Pop Tarts Apple Jacks! This famous toaster pastry has been reimagined with the taste of Apple Jacks cereal!

As you unwrap this frosted Pop Tart, the warm scent of apples and cinnamon will sweetly fill the air. Coaxing you into a luscious-tasting middle featuring that good old Apple Jacks flavor.
It doesn't end here, folks; you've got a rich frosting on the top. Making for the most delicious finishing touch, complete with orange and green sprinkles!
The legendary Pop-Tarts have been delivering their goodness since 1964! Originally intended for a quick breakfast, but let's face it, Pop-Tarts are perfect for any time of the day!
Make your day irresistibly great with the Pop-Tarts Apple Jacks!
16PK | 27oz.