Pocky Mint Biscuit Sticks - 2.14oz

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Something Minty from Pocky!

Mint cream covered cocoa biscuit sticks.

Indulge in a refreshing treat with the Pocky Mint Biscuit Sticks!

These long and slender cocoa biscuits offer a delightful and crisp texture along with a coating of creamy mint.
This limited edition Pocky sticks are a delicious snack throughout the day! Enjoy a few with your morning coffee or afternoon tea, or indulge in a midnight snack!
Every bite is made with the paring of mint and chocolate, creating a delectable and flavorful sensation.
Pocky has been treating us to its slender biscuits since 1966. Coming out of Japan, Pocky Sticks offers an extensive and flavorful selection.
Taste the revitalization with the Pocky Mint Biscuit Sticks!