Pocky Heartful Blueberry Biscuit Sticks (Japan) - 40g

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Have a heartful snack with Pocky!

Find your blueberry thrill with the Pocky Heartful Blueberry Biscuit Sticks. 

These limited edition Pocky Sticks offers a one-kind blueberry crunch!
Imported from Japan, these Pocky are long and slender with a vanilla-flavoured biscuit core dipped in a blue-colored blueberry chocolate coating.
The ideal snack to enjoy alongside coffee or tea. Offering an elegant look, Pocky Sticks would also be a wonderful addition to embellish desserts or to use on a charcuterie board!
Nothing says delicious like Pocky! Have the perfect blueberry snack with the Pocky Heartful Blueberry Biscuit Sticks!