Pocas DIY Bubble Tea Kit Honeydew 3 Pack - 9oz

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Juicy Honeydew Bubble Tea! 

Craft your own honeydew-infused bubble tea at home with the Pocas DIY Bubble Tea Kit Honeydew 3 Pack. Immerse yourself in the sweet and aromatic flavor of honeydew, a tropical delight that adds a unique twist to your bubble tea experience.

This kit provides everything you need for an authentic bubble tea experience, from high-quality honeydew tea to chewy tapioca pearls and all the essentials to create the perfect beverage. 

With easy-to-follow instructions, Pocas DIY Bubble Tea Kit empowers you to become a bubble tea master at home. Experiment with the proportions, sugar, and more to achieve your perfect honeydew bubble tea. 

9 oz