PEZ - Valentine's Day Twin Pack 49.3g

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Double the love from PEZ!

Taste the love with the PEZ Valentine's Day Twin Pack! Now you can double your PEZ Candy pleasure!

This sweet set of PEZ dispensers features two heart-shaped dispensers and PEZ candy refills in the delicious flavor of cotton candy.
These PEZ dispensers just say it all! Makes for a great Valentine's Day candy, especially for your sweetheart. A thoughtful little gift for the candy connoisseur in your life, or just a sweet gesture of love!
PEZ has been providing us with entertainment and fun since 1927. Combining candy along with PEZ dispensers that emulate pop culture. At just the press of a button, the yummy taste of PEZ Candy can be all yours!
Say it with love, say it with PEZ! Eat your heart out with the PEZ Valentine's Day Twin pack!