PEZ - The Office Gift Set Michael/Dwight - 49.3g

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PEZ for the office!

Have a sweet taste of Dunder Mifflin with PEZ - The Office Gift Set Michael/Dwight.

The Office has never been closer, and neither have Michael and Dwight! 
This amusing PEZ dispenser set features both of these humourous characters along with some delicious PEZ candy.
These PEZ dispensers are the perfect gift for the ultimate fan of The Office. Watch Michael and Dwight in action and treat yourself to some PEZ Candy!
PEZ has been doling out its candy and fun since 1927. This old-fashioned candy is famous for bringing pop culture to life along with its fruity-tasting PEZ Candy!
Experience some fun with this dynamic duo, Michael and Dwight, with the PEZ The Office Gift Set Michael/Dwight!