Pejoy Milk & Cookies Biscuit Sticks - 1.98oz

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An exotic snack from Pejoy!

Sweet cream filled Cocoa Biscuit Sticks

Discover the classic taste of milk and cookies with the Pejoy Milk & Cookies Biscuit Sticks!

These long and thin biscuits include a crispy chocolate layer on the outer portion and a filling of sweet cream.
Make your snack time extra delicious with these Pejoy sticks! Indulge with a glass of milk, coffee or tea! These are a great snack for any time of the day!
As you bite through these biscuits, you'll be treated to an exclusive combination of delightful taste and texture!
The Pejoy sticks are light and crisp biscuits made with a variety of unique flavors.
Be deliciously indulged with the Pejoy Milk & Cookies Biscuit Sticks!