Payday Bar - 1.85 oz

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Pay me with Payday Candy Bars! 

Make it a payday for your hungry tastebuds with the classic taste of the Payday Bar!

The star of this Payday Candy Bar is the peanuts, and when we say this bar is fully loaded with the goodness of peanuts, we're serious!
As you take the first bite of this Payday Candy Bar, you'll meet a layer of crunchy peanuts. You'll take note and be impressed by its main character's energy! After the initial crunch, you get to its irresistible core. This exciting endeavour will blow you away with its ultra-chewy and caramel-flavored, tender nougat.
The peanuts are lightly salted and roasted to perfection, which enhances the sweet and buttery notes of the caramel middle. The crunch of the peanuts delightfully bounces off that middle, making each and every bite pure perfection!
We've been crunching its peanutty deliciousness since 1932 and idolizing its exquisite textures and incredible tastes for generations! 
Get that "pay day" you really deserve with the iconic taste of the Payday Bar!
  • Made in the USA
  • 1930s Candy
1.85 oz. (52.4g)