Oreo Pokemon Strawberry Creme Cookies - 119.6g

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Catch all the Pokemon in these Oreo Cookies!

Catch the amusing fun of Pokemon with the Oreo Pokemon Starwberry Creme Cookies!

These Oreos feature our Pokemon friends with random characters embossed on certain cookies. Which ones will you be lucky enough to find?
These Oreo cookies boast a tangy and fresh strawberry-flavoured filling nestled in between two chocolate Oreo cookies. In every bite, the strawberry flavor enhances those chocolate cookies. This is one flavour you don't want to miss!
We've been dunking the famous Oreo Cookie since 1912! Oreos are the perfect cookie with both creamy and crunchy textures in every bite!
"Catch em all" with the Oreo Pokemon Strawberry Creme Cookies!