Oreo Pokemon Chocolate Creme Cookies - 119.6g

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Catch all the Pokemon in these Oreo Cookies!

It's a chocolate extravaganza with the Oreo Pokemon Chocolate Creme Cookies!

These Oreo cookies feature fun and colorful Pokemon characters on the wrapper. Inside, random Pokemon characters are embossed on the cookies, 16 in total. Which ones will you find?
As you bite through these Oreos, you'll be happily treated to two round chocolate wafer cookies with a delectable creme filling of rich-tasting chocolate!
Get your glass of milk ready and start dunking! It's going to be a delicious Pokemon adventure! 
We've been indulging in the classic taste of Oreo cookies since 1912! These iconic cookies are the perfect bite of creamy and crunchy. Oreos now boast incredible and fun flavors, offering their unforgettable goodness in every mouthful!
Double the chocolatey deliciousness with the Oreo Pokemon Chocolate Creme Cookies!