Oreo Pokemon Blueberry Ice Cream Cookies - 119.6g

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 Catch the Pokemon vibe with Oreo!

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Blueberry Ice Cream flavored Cream

Catch the Pokemon vibe with the Oreo Pokemon Blueberry Ice Cream Cookies! These entertaining Oreo cookies feature Pokemon and friends on the package and a chance to find other Pokemon characters embossed on random cookies! Which Pokemon characters will you find?

Find your blueberry thrill with these Oreos! They begin with two chocolate wafer cookies filled with blueberry ice cream flavored cream. Pour that essential glass of milk; these Oreos are absolutely delicious!
We've been dunking the likes of Oreo Cookies since their debut in 1912. Made with that unforgettable crunchy and creamy texture, nothing compares to the Oreo experience!
Capture the Pokemon fun with the Oreo Pokemon Blueberry Cookies!