Oreo Pokemon Special Edition Pikachu Cookies 119.6g

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Special Edition Oreo Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies with chocolate and Banana Flavored Cream

You'll go bananas with the exquisite taste of the Oreo Pokemon Special Edition Pikachu Cookies!

These famous cookies have a Pokemon makeover, and you're invited to taste the delicious fun!
In every package, there are random Pokemon characters embossed on certain cookies. Which ones will you find?
These Oreo Cookies feature two banana-flavoured wafer cookies and a fantastic filling of a creamy, dreamy chocolate filling. Every bite of these Oreos is simply unforgettable!
Get your glass of milk ready; this is going to be a delicious Pokemon adventure!
Oreo Cookies have been loved for generations. Making their delicious debut in 1912, no other cookie compares to the famous taste of Oreo!
Discover the flavorful fun with the Oreo Pokemon Special Edition Pikachu Cookies!