Oreo Dirt Cake Cookies - 10.68oz

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Dig into these Oreo cookies!

Treat yourself to the Oreo Dirt Cake Cookies! The best part is you don't have to bake this cake! 

These dirt cake cookies come in the form of America's most dunkable cookie, the Oreo Cookie!
Every sandwich cookie is two rounds of a chocolate wafer cookie, topped off with gummy worm-inspired sprinkles and filled with a brownie-flavored and luscious chocolate creme. Complete with Oreo cookie crumbs to add an exciting crunch to the cookie!
These Oreos are a perfect snack for any time of the day! Complete your lunch with a few, or indulge your sweet tooth after dinner and have some for dessert!
Get the biggest glass of milk you can find, grab these cookies and be prepared to be blown away by that famous Oreo cookie deliciousness!
Make the day sweeter with the Oreo Dirt Cake Cookies!