Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Vanilla Mousse (China) - 50g

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Exotic Snacks from Oreo and China

Roll into a dreamy taste of Oreo with the Oreo Cocoa Crisp Vanilla Mousse.

These straw-shaped Oreo treats are imported from China.
With these Oreo Rolls, every bite is a collision of creamy and crunchy. As you embark on this delicious Oreo journey, you'll discover a crispy wrapping of an Oreo chocolate-flavoured shell whirling with swirls of vanilla.
Revealing a silky core of velvety vanilla Mousse. Each heavenly bite is a shining example of Oreo. Pitting vanilla and chocolate in the flavor ring, exposing two champions. One just makes way for the other, and each crunchy bite is abundantly decadent.
Oreo Cookies have been hailed as America's most dunkable cookie! They've been dunked, dipped and crunched through since 1912! Loved in over one hundred countries around the world. The Oreo cookie remains the king of cookies!
Get on a roll with the Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Vanilla Mousse!