Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Strawberry Milkshake (China) - 50g

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Exotic Snacks from China!

Indulge in a sensational strawberry sensation with the Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Strawberry Milkshake.

Imported from China, these crisp rolls are a whole new spin on the famous taste of Oreo!
Merging the rich taste of cocoa with the smooth and succulent taste of a strawberry milkshake. 
Made in a tubular roll shape, enjoy them as a delicious addition to your favorite drink. Use them as a straw or take a strawberry-infused bite between sips. 
The Oreo Cookie has a nostalgic place in our hearts. Filled with after-school memories and childhood snacks. Nothing is quite like the taste of the cherished Oreo!
Roll with the likes of Oreo with Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Strawberry Milkshake!