Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Matcha (China) - 50g

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Exotic Snacks from China

This Oreo treat makes it easy to roll with the punches! The Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Matcha is an exotic taste coming out of China.

These straw-shaped Oreo rolls are covered in a crisp coating of a thin cocoa-flavoured biscuit. Filled with a matcha tea delight. Offering a sophisticated taste of chocolate and Matcha Tea.
These are ideal to enjoy alongside a glass of milk, your morning cup of coffee or your afternoon tea. Or why not get creative and use these to embellish some desserts? Make a sweet statement on top of a cheesecake or even a bowl of ice cream!
We've been crunching through the famous taste of Oreo Cookies since 1912. Dubbed America's most dunkable cookie, Oreo has become a worldwide phenomenon!
Roll in the deliciousness with the Oreo Cocoa Crisp Rolls Matcha!