Oreo Cloud Strawberry Cakes (China) - 88g

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Oreo Cookies from China!

You'll certainly be able to keep your head in the clouds with the Oreo Cloud Strawberry Cakes!

This fluffy Oreo cookie, imported from China, offers the exquisite texture and flavor of our beloved Oreo cookie!
Beginning with two rounds of moist chocolate cake, filled with a creamy, strawberry-filled whipped deliciousness, each bite of this Oreo is light and satisfying while offering a sweet, full-on strawberry flavor! And don't worry—this Oreo cookie goes great with a glass of milk, so get ready to start dunking!
Oreo has been the cookie of choice since 1912. Glorifying the sandwich cookie, Oreo has an exclusive line of remarkable flavors perfect for your glass of milk!
Savour the strawberry moments with Oreo Cloud Strawberry Cakes!