Oreo Cloud Cake Vanilla - 88g

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Exotic Snacks from China.

Want to taste the goodness of cloud nine? Indulge in the Oreo Cloud Cake Vanilla.

Imported from China, this Oreo cake offers two moist and tender pieces of chocolate sponge cake. Filled in the middle with an abundance of a silky vanilla center. Encased in a layer of an Oreo cookie crumble.
Get your tall glass of milk ready! Don't worry; this Oreo cake is still dunkable!
As you take that first memorable bite, the sweet scent of Oreos will have your tastebuds reeling!
You'll notice that ultra-creaming filling and the crunch of that flavorful Oreo cookie crumble! This blissful-tasting Oreo deliciousness is over-the-top remarkable. Made with incredible flavors and texture!
We've been dunking the epic Oreo Cookies since 1912! Enjoyed in over one hundred countries around the world, it's a favourite universal cookie! Available in a huge variety of flavors and textures, nothing beats the classic taste of Oreo!
Keep your head in the clouds and your taste buds with the Oreo Cloud Cake Vanilla!