OMG! Vanilla Fudge Clusters - 98g

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This Canadian Candy will satisfy you!

Prepare to be swept off your candy-loving feet with the OMG! Vanilla Fudge Clusters!

Made with the most perfect name because these clusters will really make your jaw drop in complete and utter satisfaction.
You'll be thrilled when your lips meet a base of crunchy graham wafers embedded with bits of toffee and wholesome almonds. Finished with a light drizzle of silky white chocolate.
In every cluster, there await amazing textures ranging from crispy and crunchy and a sweet and salty flavor profile.
The OMG! Vanilla Fudge Clusters were introduced in Canada in 2012 and quickly became a sweet and sought-after treat!
Taste the meaning of delicious with the OMG! Vanilla Fudge Clusters!