Rolo - 52g

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Rolo Chocolate by Nestle Canada

As you begin to unwrap these chocolate and caramel candies, beware of that weak-in-the-knees feeling that follows!
The achingly delicious taste of Rolo is wrapped in iconic gold foil. These delectable candies are coated with rich and full-bodied Rolo chocolate and generously filled with golden, luscious caramel.
This old-fashioned candy was made in Britain in 1937 before making its way all the way across the pond to North America in 1978.
Rolo comes individually wrapped, making them easy to share. Who are we kidding? We know that a roll of Rolo Candy never lasts long. They're best consumed by placing the entire candy in your mouth all at once. Unless you want to be left with that oozing drip of caramel on your lip.
" Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?" This will require some self-reflection and the incredible taste of Rolo!