Coffee Crisp Double Double - 50g

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Double the Coffee & Chocolate Flavors 

Coffee Crisp Double Double is packed with chocolatey goodness and coffee flavors. The perfect mixture of the two very popular flavors are seamlessly intertwined in the chocolate bar. Your taste buds will be able to pick up the coffee flavors without it being overpowering or bitter, in fact, the sweetness from the chocolate is what helps keep the balance. 

The thick classic Canadian chocolate bar now requires an extra wide bite because the layered wafers and creamy coffee chocolate mixture has DOUBLED! That’s right, you’ll be getting twice the flavor and crispy texture with every bite. This is a sensational treat to have when you need an extra kick of energy during the day.

Double the flavors, and double the energy!! We recommend grabbing a few of these chocolate bars because they’re sure to run out when your siblings see them in the kitchen cupboard!

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified 
  • Natural Flavors 
  • Nut Free 
  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

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  • 1.8oz (50g)

    Made in Canada