Nerds Rope Bundle

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A magical selection of Nerds Rope!

Taste the Wonka magic with the Nerds Rope Bundle!

This exciting candy adventure includes a delicious bundle of the legendary Nerds Rope!
Featuring a selection of seven flavors. Get ready to sweetly spoil your tastebuds!
That first bite you'll discover a colorful coating of Nerds Candy. They're tangy and crunchy, leading you into the irresistible gummy candy middle! 
Each mouthful is filled with thrilling, crunchy, and chewy textures and offers remarkable flavors. There's no looking back after the incredible taste of Nerds Ropes!
The wonderment of the Nerds Rope made its debut in 2001! A compulsory candy for any Nerds candy fan. This Wonka-esque candy has it all, from texture to flavor!
Knock your socks off with the exhilarating selection of the Nerds Rope Bundle!
7 Nerds Rope