Nerds on the Go Zero Sugar Grape - 16.2g

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A Grape Adventure Without the Sugar Squeeze!

Hey there, fellow candy explorers and sugar-watchers! Brace yourselves for a grape-tastic journey with Nerds on the Go Zero Sugar in Grape flavor. It's like a burst of grape-licious excitement minus the sugar overload.

Delve into the world of tangy and sweet with these crunchy, pocket-sized wonders. Every nibble is a grape-infused delight that's perfect for your taste buds' cravings.

Searching for a treat that won't send your sugar levels soaring? Nerds on the Go Zero Sugar Grape is here to save the day. Toss some in your bag and be ready for grapey adventures anywhere!

0.57oz (16.2g) 

Made in the USA