Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry - 1.65 oz.

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Taste the fun of Nerds Candy!

Celebrate our pal, Willy Wonka. With the classic taste of Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry. Taste the flavorful fun in this Nerds Candy!

These tiny, crunchy and tangy-tasting morsels have been enjoyed by the hungriest of candy lovers since 1983.

Nerds Candy comes in a two-chambered box. One side is grape, and the other is strawberry. Filled with fantastic fruitiness and a hint of that tantalizingly tangy taste.
Crunch through one side at a time, or mix and match to create your very own flavor profile!
There is no other candy that compares to the iconic taste of Nerds. How do they pack such mammoth taste in such a tiny candy?
Don't let the suspense build for too long. Experience the legendary crunch with the Nerds Candy Grape & Strawberry!
  • Wonka Candy
  • 1980s Candy
1.65oz (46.7g)