Nerds Candy Rainbow Theatre Pack - 5 oz

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Nerds candy was the coolest 80s candy!

Experience a candy extravaganza that's as vibrant as a rainbow and as fun as a day at the carnival with this Nerds Candy. 

Indulge in a world of colorful, tangy, and tiny candies that'll turn snacking into a front-row experience. With each handful, you're treating yourself to a taste journey that spans the entire flavor spectrum. It's like a flavor fireworks show that'll leave you craving encore after encore!

Whether you're a candy enthusiast, a flavor explorer, or just someone who knows how to appreciate a good treat, the Nerds Candy Rainbow Theatre Pack is your ticket to a flavor-filled adventure. Don't miss out on the tastiest show in town – grab your pack today and let the candy curtain rise!

5oz (142g)