Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar - 45g

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Jersy Milk is made with premium milk chocolate!

An authentic craving for pure chocolate calls for the classic taste of the Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar.

This Canadian Chocolate Bar has been serving up its sweet deliciousness since 1924. Originally manufactured by Neilson Dairy until being acquired by Cadbury Canada in 1987.
The packaging of the Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar hasn't changed all that much in 99 years, and neither has the uncomplicated taste. This bar of milk chocolate might be looked at as plain and simple, but the Jersey Milk bar is anything but!
A staple for any chocolate connoisseur, especially those who appreciate consistency. This milk chocolate is of a velvety and smooth texture and is only made with the very freshest of ingredients providing you with the very finest in taste. 
Cut to the chase for that straight-to-the-point taste of the Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar!