Mountain Dew Voodoo Zero Sugar - 355mL

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This soda pop is magic!

Brace yourself for the voodoo magic you're about to taste with the Mountain Dew Voodoo Zero Sugar!

This mysterious-tasting Mountain Dew will have a hold on your tastebuds with its sweet and suspenseful flavor.
You'll be left in sweet suspense after every sip, and we can assure you it will captivate your senses and take you on a wild-tasting journey. 
From that refreshing first taste, this soda pop will have you on a thrilling endeavour with its fantastic fizz and quenching taste! 
Made with zero sugar, this remarkable soda pop will have you doing the DEW! Capturing that voodoo magic we only read about, only this time, you'll be holding it in your hand!
If you're one of the bold ones who love surprises, this Mountain Dew was made for you!
For its spectacular secret flavor, you'll just have to drink on to discover its exhilaration! Some things are better left a mystery, like the Mountain Dew Voodoo Zero Sugar!